Digital Math Activities Site: Monthly Membership

Engaging Activities for Upper Elementary and Middle School Math

This membership allows your math students to have access to a variety of math games and activities to help them practice new concepts and review others throughout the year. Very easy to use and very little prep needed!

Who is this membership for?

You might be wondering if this is a good fit for you and your students. This will be a good fit if....

  • You want a site that's EASY for students to use.

  • You're looking for engaging, no-prep activities for your fast finishers, centers, for enrichment, or for remediation.

  • You'd like students to have access to a variety of math topics, to use at any time during the year.

  • You don't have an online math program you must use (or the one you use isn't quite meeting your needs).

What Teachers are Saying

Kristen G.

My students LOVE this resource. The online activities are great for extra practice or review. They cover a wide range of 6th grade math skills, so we use these often throughout the year. Students also love repeating an activity to see if they can improve their score. Thank you for creating these!

Anna L

This site was good for a review of a skill or practice of a skill. I loved it. It really helped when we began teaching online.


I use this website all the time to reinforce the math skills. The students love the interactive games and how there are many different kinds! Well worth the money!

Ashley W.

I have this on my "may do" activity list for students to practice when there is extra time. I will also specifically ask them to play certain games when I am studying them in class or before a major test!

Katie M.

Great quality/content for review and/or intervention!


These interactive games have been great to assign students through Google classroom to practice the skills that we are learning.

Monthly Membership Includes:


  • Do students get the same math questions every time they do an activity?

    For the Truth or Dare games: yes. The logic in designing the Truth or Dares was pretty intense and can't be quickly changed to offer different questions each time; however, I can explore making versions that will allow for that. For other member activities: NO. Most other member activities pull from question banks, so while a student may get one or two repeat questions when they complete an activity multiple times, the entire set of questions they see will be a bit different each time.

  • Q: How many students can log in at once?

    A: As many students as you want. Students use a password to access each activity and there's no limit to the number of students who can access at the same time. None of the teachers who've used the site have reported issues with using the password/logging in. The site password changes each month.

  • Q: Can I assign an activity in Google Classroom?

    A: Yes! Each activity has its own link, so you can assign an activity by adding the link to your assignment in Google Classroom.

  • Q: MUST I assign through Google Classroom?

    A: No! You can provide students a link to the site or to the individual activities, the way you'd provide any link to your students.

  • Q: How do I see students' results?

    A: All of the math activities show results in some form. For example, the Truth or Dare games have an "Answer Sheet." Many of the other activities show students' points on the main screen; some show the point totals on an ending results screen. Others show results by color, like the absolute value activity (green for correct, red for incorrect). Regardless of where the results are shown in the activity, students need to take a screenshot of their results page to send to you (or upload into Google Classroom, or another LMS you may be using.) Unfortunately, the software I use can't be programmed to report scores to all the different LMSs classes are using.

  • Q: How are teachers using the digital math activities?

    A: Teachers are using the activities for: Math centers; Choice time; Math enrichment activities; In-class, whole-group activity; Independent math practice; Online/distance learning

  • Is the price per class or does it cover all my classes?

    At this time, the monthly cost covers all your students.

Membership Options

Choose the monthly subscription or join for a year - whatever works best for you! If you'd like the yearly option, check out the Yearly Membership Page.