Are You A 5th-7th Grade Math Teacher Who Wants Your Students To Succeed With Fraction Addition and Subtraction?

If you want to stick with teaching JUST the fraction algorithms, don’t scroll any further.

But, if you want to learn HOW TO teach fraction operations for UNDERSTANDING using a VARIETY of strategies and incorporating fraction basics, keep on scrolling!

Teaching Fraction Addition and Subtraction has what you need to make a lasting impact on your students’ understanding of fractions and these fraction operations. This program includes all the materials and resources from modules 1, 2, 3, and 6 of the complete Mastering Fraction Operations program.


Teaching Fraction Addition and Subtraction

  • Learn EVERYTHNG you need to know about how to teach adding and subtracting fraction for UNDERSTANDING .
  • End the fraction frustration for you AND your students by discovering various ways to approach fraction addition and subtraction (AND basic fraction concepts).
  • Experience your own “Aha” moments about these fraction operations.



PD at Your Own Pace ~ Here's What You Have Access To

  • Four modules covering: fractions basics; adding fractions and mixed numbers; subtracting fractions and mixed numbers; and the 'fitting it all in' module
  • Videos to walk you through the strategies and methods to teach adding and subtracting fractions conceptually and algorithmically, for student mastery
  • Workbook/notes pages for your notes
  • 24/7 INSTANT and LIFETIME access
  • Methods and materials to take right into your classroom
  • Student versions of the example problems in the lessons
  • Strategies for incorporating fraction concepts and operations throughout the year



Why do Teachers Want This Program?

Many math teachers I’ve worked with weren’t prepared to teach fraction operations, much less teach them with a conceptual approach.

They have taught just ‘rules,’ and shortcuts, often NOT KNOWING there’s a different way.

In the book, Number Talks, Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages, the authors cite a study by Li and Smith (2007) that states:

  • 93% of prospective middle school teachers could solve 7/9 ÷ 2/3 procedurally
  • BUT only 52% could correctly answer ‘How many 1/2s are in 2/3?’
  • They concluded that teachers’ lack of conceptual understanding affects students’ understanding of what fraction division means.


Upper Elementary and Middle School Math Teachers Want this Program Because They:

  • are ready to help their students develop flexible fraction thinking
  • want their students to UNDERSTAND basic fraction concepts and fraction addition and subtraction
  • want to spend LESS TIME reteaching and remediating
  • want their students to feel confident and successful
  • want to be knowledgeable about their content


Don't Be Scrambling When the Fraction Struggles Hit

Even though we want success for our students, one mistake we make is waiting until we’re into our fractions unit. And then we try to figure out what methods and materials we need.
Or we wait until fractions pop up in other contexts and realize that our students need A LOT of help.

Let’s face it, fractions show up every year, at every grade level!
Many of us figure we’ll gather all the information and materials ourselves, from all the different sources.

  • But what we don’t take into consideration is how much time it takes to find THIS MUCH content….read the books and articles, scroll through sites, and compile the strategies, methods, and materials AND create student resources.
  • You might fully intend to do the research but end up not having the time to build the bank of information and resources you’ll need. And then you’re back to random searches, scrambling to piece together something to help you in the moment.
  • If you’re like many math teachers, you want to know your content inside and out and have as many tools in your fraction toolbox as possible.


Save Your Time

This is your chance to take advantage of all the time I’ve spent researching and creating materials to help you teach some fraction basics and fraction addition and subtraction.

You can work through the program at your own pace and come back to the video lessons AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT to review the content before you’re ready to teach it.


Select Each Module Image for Information About the Module. ***Modules 1, 2, 3, and 6 are in this program.
(Includes over $50 of fraction resources!)

The module descriptions are brief overviews of the modules.

M 1: Fraction Basics (5 Lessons)

M 1: Fraction Basics (5 Lessons)

Including but not limited to: converting mixed numbers & improper fractions, simplifying and comparing fractions, equivalent fractions.
Why the basics? Because students ‘should’ know them by 4th grade, BUT students still have difficulty in 5th, 6th, 7th grades.
It’s a huge benefit to have these strategies in your teaching toolbox.

M 2: Add & Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators (6 Lessons)

M 2: Add & Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators (6 Lessons)

~ Exploring the butterfly method, why NOT to use it and what to do if students have already learned it
~ Exploring the meaning of fraction addition and subtraction
~ Estimating and why we need to use it
~ Using various models and number lines

M3: Subtracting Mixed Numbers (4 Lessons)

M3: Subtracting Mixed Numbers (4 Lessons)

~Laying the ‘groundwork’ – exploring ways to solve
~3 methods for subtracting mixed numbers
Why 3 methods? Because students’ ‘Aha moments’ happen with different methods, so we want to have as many methods in our toolbox as we can

M4: Multiply Fractions and Mixed Numbers

M4: Multiply Fractions and Mixed Numbers

~ Exploring the meaning of fraction multiplication
~ Using different representations and number lines to develop meaning
~ Multiplying fractions by fractions, whole numbers, mixed numbers
~ Word problem contexts

M 5: Dividing Fractions & Mixed Numbers

M 5: Dividing Fractions & Mixed Numbers

~ Exploring the meaning of fraction division
~ Exploring division with common denominators, transitioning to using reciprocals
~ Using different representations and number lines to develop meaning
~ Word problem contexts

M 6: Fitting it All In (4 Lessons)

M 6: Fitting it All In (4 Lessons)

~ Fractions in other contexts (measurement, equations, ratios, coordinate plane and more)
~ Additional resources for you
~ Strategies for fitting fractions in ALL year

What Teachers Say About The Complete Fraction Operations Program

From newer to veteran math teachers to instructional coaches and special education teachers, students have benefitted from this program in so many ways. Here's what a few of them have to say.

Laurie S

Math Teacher

This course covered everything from basics to complex. The speed of the course was perfect, especially since you could stop/review as needed. I appreciate the additional resources AND the ability to come back to refresh!

Brenda A

Math Teacher

It really was an eye opening course. We share the same feelings when it comes to teaching fractions. We need to go through the whole experience and not just teach the tricks. I had a whole class that learned tricks and had to slow down and do quite a bit of reteaching this year. I have already recommended this course to some of our staff. I look forward to more courses. Thank you so much.

Judith G

Instructional Coach

I am almost done with the program and have thoroughly enjoyed it! My two biggest take-aways were the Ladder Method and dividing fractions using the Common Denominator. I am the Middle School Math Instructional Coach for a small K-8 district and will definitely be sharing these two methods with our teachers. Thank you for this program!

Cindy B

Special Ed Teacher

This course surpassed everything I imagined! I did not understand math growing up (especially fractions!). I was an early primary teacher and when I became a sped teacher and transferred to teaching middle school RSP, I knew I had to learn upper math concepts. This course was informative and gave me visuals to help understand. The note pages to fill in and the abundance of extras (games, doodle notes, etc.) made this class totally worth it! Thank you for making math understandable and enjoyable.

Faye J

Math Teacher & Tutor

I have taught and tutored math for over 20 years and there were some new insights from this training which was exactly what I was hoping for.
Most significant of all was the timely feedback I received. I asked a question on the Facebook group and within a day, not only was the question answered, but a new video was made to supplement the videos in the lesson.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn't listed, please email me ~ [email protected]

The course is housed here on Thinkific, and you can complete the modules at your own pace.

Each lesson includes:

  • A prerecorded video, with teaching strategies and examples
  • Note-taking guides
  • Student versions of the examples used in lessons

Yes. Please email me at [email protected] so we can get the important information to your school!

Yes! All modules will be available as soon as you enroll and you can access any lessons and resources immediately.

As long as the program exists (the lifetime of the program).

Definitely! If you’re a parent supporting a child who would benefit from supplemental work with fraction concepts (or if you’re a homeschooling parent), this program will be helpful.

I am always available, via email or in the course discussion area on Thinkific. 


Is this Fraction Operations Program Right for You?

This program is meant for you if you're an instructional coach or if you’re an upper elementary or middle school math teacher and…

  • you've been teaching fraction operation 'rules' because that's how you were taught; the 'rules' aren't working for your students OR you just want to learn strategies to teach fraction operations differently
  • you’re tired of scouring the internet, looking for fraction tips and piecing together ways to help your students
  • you’re looking for new ways to teach ANY of the fraction operations
  • you need tools to close students’ fraction gaps
  • you want to see your students’ confidence grow as they develop a deeper understanding of what fractions are and what fraction operations mean
  • you’re willing to start ‘weaving’ fractions into math class when you aren’t ‘teaching fractions’
  • you're a homeschooling parent and need a great fraction operations program!
  • you're ready to invest in your development as a math teacher.


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